Whether you require domestic, industrial or commercial electrical work, Ideal power is fully committed to professional and affordable electrical services. We carry out all aspects of electrical work, from design and consultation through to commissioning for clients in the domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors.

Our eye for quality and our dedication to the delivery of top-notch customer service are what make us the electrical company of choice for several areas. Below are some of Clarification for our company in electrical field:


Power Substation Services is the nation’s leader in the installation and servicing of substation, power, and GSU transformers.

Ideal Power Company is one of leader companies who offer Installation servicing of power substation with with high, medium and low voltage capabilities.

Proper installation and maintenance of the transformers is critical to extend their life to prevent catastrophic failure.Ideal Power Company have cooperation have partners with the top transformer manufacturers in the world.

Our highly-skilled teamof experts and engineers provide the most cost-effective oil and electrical testing services and transformer maintenance and repair.

    High Tension

    Our company provide high tension electrical services and offers a systematic and safe approach to electrical services, as below:


    • Design and installation Grid station
    • Creating generator station.
    • Circuit breaker and electrical testing.
    • Electrical supply with underground, over poll and overhead tower.
    • Maintenance services.

    Low Tension

    Our low tension electrical services are including:


    • Foundation and electrical installation for different kinds of building.
    • Busduct installation.
    • Security system with phone option.
    • CCTV camera.
    • Networks.
    • Maintenance services.

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      Ideal Power is specialized in fields of electrical, mechanical and energy sector. Our services are for different areas of construction, industrial, residential and commercials. We are providing a professional trainee and experienced team of engineers, technicians, and power man.


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